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A Small Change to Your Website Brings Big Results

While doing a little keyword research on our site, I noticed a particular keyword phrase was being searched on more frequently, so I added the phrase to about 4 places on our homepage.

(You’ll understand why I don’t mention the phrase, right? I can tell you that the phrase gets searched on 2 times/day with 3.2 million results in Google and 36 pages within those results have the exact same phrase – my competition).

After applying the update, our homepage is now #1 on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for this complete phrase. Before I made the change, we were about 2nd or 3rd in Google’s page results.

Just one small change made a big difference.

And I do mean big. After the update, new web inquires came in by virtue of our new keyword phrase. Pretty amazing I say.

So don’t think you have to do a complete website redesign in order to successfully reach the top of the search engines. You may only need a small change or quick fix to succeed.

See my other posts, Optimize Big, Focus Small and Small Changes Lead to Big Profits that highlight this same topic. I mention it again and again because it’s true – I’ve witnessed it first hand.


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