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A Successful Website in 3 Steps

A successful website in 3 steps? Can it be done?

Each time I spend developing a new website (or redesign), I try to make the process a little simpler. (A simple website is always a successful one).

We do have a system in place, but that is usually from a Project Management point of view. The steps I’m talking about are from a marketing perspective.

Accomplish the Goal

There really is only one step – accomplish the goal. And the goal of most websites is to make money or get more business – either by contact, download, transaction, phone call, etc.

So how does one accomplish this goal in 3 steps?

I’ve determined, in my process, the 3 steps to a successful website.

  1. Who do you want to attract? Current customers, new customers, prospects, old, young, educated, etc.
  2. What action do you want them to take? Download a video, sign up for a newsletter, contact you by telephone, buy your product, etc.
  3. How will you get them to take this action? In other words, how will you direct (or persuade) your visitors to perform this action?

That’s it. Ask who, what and how. These 3 steps are simple, yet making them work is the challenging part.

Enjoy your week.

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