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AdWords: How Does it Work?

We manage multiple AdWords campaigns for some or our clients. We recently received a new request from an existing client who was curious about starting a new campaign but wanted to know ‘how it worked’. I wanted to share with you what I shared with him.

AdWords is a pay per click service. It’s a process of about 5 steps:

  1. Goal Setting/Campaign Strategy: Why do we want people to come to the site? Make an inquiry? Learn more about a product? The more specific we are, the greater chance we have of converting. The generic ads really don’t work. We need to have a reason why people would click on our ad rather than your competition.
  2. Keyword Research & Selection: Once we have a chosen campaign strategy, we need to decide what keywords your audience will type into the search engine to display our ad(s).
  3. Creating Ad(s): After we’ve compiled our keyword list, we need to create up to 3 ads (test performance of each) that include these keywords, along with a call to action and other elements to get your audience to click.
  4. Creating or Selecting a Landing Page: After the ads are created we need to determine where our audience will go after they click. This could be a page on the current website or a separate ‘landing’ page specifically for the chosen campaign. The later (landing page) are more successful in that they are less cluttered pages that have only one goal in mind.
  5. Measure & Maintain: After we’ve initiated the ads, we’ll need to monitor our performance and make any adjustments necessary to ensure a profitable campaign.

Let us know if you’d like to begin a new AdWords campaign for your organization. We have a $100 coupon to get you started. Contact or call us: 510-523-7312.

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