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Alert! Another Advantage of Google

An excellent resource for us web developers and web optimizers. Google has a service (still in beta) called Google Alerts. You enter a search term and Google will email you the results when those terms have been updated into Google’s database. It’s a great tool after you’ve just launched a new website or update.

And I quote…

“A ‘Web’ alert is an email that lets you know if new web pages appear in the top twenty results for your Google Web search.”

This is an excellent way to measure your keyword optimization strategy. What a great way to test – I plug in my search terms and Google tells me when they’re in.

That’s what marketing is all about – testing. What works, and what doesn’t? A friend of mine told me, and I agree, you won’t know if it works unless you test it.

Read more about Google Alerts.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out.”

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