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Always Add Alt Text to Image Tags in Your Email Newsletters

We are developing a new email newsletter campaign for a client of ours.

The email contains a few images so we need to make sure each image tag contains text within the alt attribute (tag).

Why? Let me explain by example.

The image below will display first, so it’s important that our message gets read.

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If images are turned off – which email programs will do – you won’t see anything, but if you include alt text, this is what your readers will see:

Alt Text Display

Making sure each image in your email newsletter contains alt text is super important. Many email systems turn off images to combat spam. Spammers can include viruses into images.

How to Add Alt Text to an Image Tag

Within your HTML code find the <img> tag. Add your text within the alt attribute: <img src="/image-filename.jpg" alt="This is where you add your alt text">

Bottom line: If you don’t include alt text in your images your email campaign could be in jeopardy.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

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