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Always Be on High Receive

If you’re any kind of regular to this blog (and I hope you are), you may have noticed I haven’t written anything for about two weeks. I have a very good excuse…I was on vacation in France and Amsterdam. It was a great time to get away, relax and enjoy a completely new environment.


On Monday, July 19, I attended the Alameda Unified School District Website Advisory Panel meeting. (The AUSD is looking at specialized options for maintaining websites for both the district and each school). During the meeting I listened to presentations from 4 specialized educational web development companies and provided my comments and suggestions to the panel on which solutions I thought were best.

I took this opportunity to learn and study how each web company presented their services and how I could learn from each and what I could do to improve upon my own presentations, proposals and processes.

Learning and observing others is also good before developing a website. Before you even think about designing a new website, research other websites, particularly your competitor’s websites, and ask the questions: What characteristics of this site would I like to incorporate into my own? What are they doing better or worse? Why I like/dislike the website? What could I do differently?

Don’t just listen…observe. Always be on high receive and always be looking to improve upon your own business practices.

‘til next time.

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