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Don't Ask.comI have a post called How to Get the Highest Price on eBay. If you type “how to get the highest price on ebay” into Google, our post is #1.

I thought I would give a try (a chance). I typed in, “how to get the highest price on ebay”. The first result is “How to get the highest price for your home – Jupiter, FL – Carole …”

I understand maybe why my page wouldn’t be number one, but the first page is not even about eBay. It’s about “your home”. I didn’t ask (pun intended) how to get the highest price for my home.

I click on the link to give the benefit of the doubt…maybe the page will be about “your home” on eBay? Nope. The word “ebay” doesn’t even exist on the page.

Don’t Ask. They Still Don’t Know

Apparently, still needs a lot of work to provide a more relevant search. This is why I continue to use Google and NOT

P.S. I noticed the paid searches had no problem finding the word eBay. Is there something to this? Does want to make money or provide better searches for the user? You tell me.

Mike Swartz says, “Don’t check it out.”

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