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Attracting ‘The Right’ Website Visitors

I just met with a client today who needed some help optimizing his website for the search engines. He wanted more hits, more traffic. That’s great, but what kind of traffic? He didn’t know.

Your Audience

Far too often, I find that many people who want more traffic to their website don’t know what kind of traffic they want. Ask the question: what type of audience are you trying to attract? This question is critical in your search engine optimization campaign.

When we sit down with a client for the first time we ask some very rudimentary questions. The answers (hopefully) will help us analyze what kind of audience or traffic will most likely visit their website.

Answer These Questions

Here are a few of the questions we ask:

  1. How does the company currently market itself?
  2. How do your customers currently find you?
  3. Who are your customers? Why do they buy from you?
  4. Who are your competitors? What do they do better than you? What do you do better than them?
  5. What ‘action’ do you want your visitors to perform on the website?
  6. What would the site have to do for you to consider it a success?
  7. Why should they visit your website?

After a few more questions and further investigation, we submit a proposal and hope they’ll sign on.

Our process of getting a site higher in the search engines includes these steps. Though not always written in stone, these steps do provide a starting platform to work from.

Don’t Be Lost in the Dark

Optimizing your website is one part of a thorough marketing plan. If you know your brand, your company, and your target audience, then you’ll know who to attract to your website.

The goal of optimizing your website shouldn’t be just to increase traffic, but to get more of the ‘right’ traffic.

Have a great week.

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