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Don’t Ask Jeeves, He Doesn’t Know

I just did a search on Ask Jeeves to test a customer’s keyword and website placement results compared to Yahoo’s. Ask Jeeves’ results show a PDF file we removed from the customer’s website months ago. Ask Jeeves better ask what’s goin’ on?
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If You Can Read This, You’re Too Young

I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or the way things are headed, but I just read that "People Aged 55 and Up Drive U.S. Web Growth". This is very interesting to note since I just read in another publication about how baby boomers, come 2025, are going to rule the shopping experience.
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Happy Holidays – It’s Worth It

Yes, I know it seems early, but it is the first day of December and I’m very much in the holiday spirit this season. Picking up the morning paper, I noticed our town; Alameda, California was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle Home and Garden section.
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Prevent Phishing and Spyware Attacks

I just finished reading an article in Information Week about how Yahoo is now authenticating email to prevent spam. The story reminded me of another article I read earlier about how "internet users are virtually clueless about security". Spam, Spyware, Viruses, Phishing...will it ever stop?
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Blog Comments

Isn't that why blogs were created? To allow a two way communication between us bloggers and our readers? Well, I've added the ability to post comments to our blogs. Adding comments to a blog post has many benefits.
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