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Backup Your Bookmarks With Firefox Extension

Get Firefox!Wow! I don’t know what happened, but my computer suddently froze and I had to shut down. After I restarted and launched Firefox, my Bookmarks were gone. This was not good. Though I do a backup each week, I lost all of my bookmarks for the previous week.

Bookmark Backup Extension

Hoping there might be a left over file around, I checked. Good thing I did. A Firefox extension I installed a long time ago creates a bookmarkbackups directory each day. Thank God. All I had to do was import the bookmark file for December 27 and I was back in business. Whew!

One more reason for everyone to switch to Firefox.

If you do have Firefox, download this extension NOW! It’ll save you some major headaches.

Mike Swartz says, “Spread the word“.

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