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Top of the Mountain - Best SEO Title for Your Business

Best SEO Title Tag for Your Business

I just found the best SEO (search engine optimization) title tag for your business:

“Wedding photography San Francisco Bay Area, Napa, Destination weddings”

The text explains what she does, where she does it and what service she provides.

I really like this title tag. Think about how you search for services on the internet. Most likely you’re typing in what the service is and where to find it. I think the last item in the tag should be extra, like the problems you solve.

The title tag is the most important piece when optimizing your website. Google and other search engines examine the title tag first before anything else to figure out what the page is about, so you better have some strong, targeted keywords.

The reason the above title tag is so good, is that it’s concise. A big mistake is to load up this tag with many keywords. This is bad because many of these words will compete against each other and search engines will not index every keyword the same. You may lose rankings because of it. Heck, I’ve seen websites at the top of the search engines with only one keyword phrase. Now that’s targeted.

For more information on how to get your website higher in the search engines, visit our article section on how to Optimize Your Website in 10 Steps or contact us with your questions.

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