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Blocking ALL Spam in Outlook

Just decide that ALL email is bad, unless you approve it.

A similar concept comes from William O’Neil when purchasing stocks. He says, “All stocks are bad, unless they go up in price” That same concept can be applied to stopping spam. In other words, instead of blocking every piece of spam, only accept the email you approve.

To completely eliminate spam in Outlook 2003 (or XP),

  1. Click on Actions | Junk E-Mail | Junk E-Mail Options…
  2. Click on the Safe Senders tab.
  3. Add your approved email addresses to the Safe Senders List. Note: Email addresses in your Contacts and in the Global Address Book are included in this list by default.
  4. In order to eliminate ALL spam, you’ll need to select the Options tab and select “Safe Lists Only“. Selecting this option will only allow email from the addresses you added to your “Safe Senders” list. All other email will default to the Junk Email folder.

Pretty slick.

For more information on spam prevention and removal, see my other posts and articles.

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Mike Swartz says, “Check it out”


P.S. This nifty feature is not available in Outlook Express (as far as I can tell), though there is a block list. Unfortunately using this method you’ll have to take the time to specifically block every spam message. This could become a second job, depending on how much spam you accumulate. If you don’t have Outlook XP or 2003, I recommend purchasing a third party piece of anti-spam software and apply the same method I outlined above.

P.S.S. I think it’s rather odd that Microsoft doesn’t provide any kind of “How To” articles on spam prevention on their own website.

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