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Blog Burnout

Wow! It has been a quick week.

I was hoping to write a couple of posts each week, but it looks like I’m falling behind on my wishes. Well not to fear – I am writing once a week.

Speaking of falling behind, I just read an article about how many bloggers are getting burned out. Most bloggers have other responsibilities (i.e. family, job, kids, a life) besides keeping up with their blogs so they’ve begun to retire. I can’t blame them. It takes a lot of work to come up with a meaningful topic to share and write about it without boring your audience. And then, if you have a significant following with visitor feedback you’re responding to, it could easily become a second job. And this second job usually doesn’t pay very well for some.

But I’m still here and I can’t ever imagine giving up this blog.

If you think blogging is for you and want to take on the challenges, check out these sites.
Live Journal
Type Pad
Moveable Type

P.S. MJS Web Solutions is not affiliated with any of these companies…though we may want to be. 😉

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out.”

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