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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Switch Between Open Windows the Apple Way

Own a PC and want to switch between windows like Expose for the Mac? Here’s how.

How to Fix CS4 Install Problems With Word and Outlook

How to fix the error, Do you want to save the changes to:

Google Does Not Use the Keywords META Tag

Google has announced – again – that they do not use the keywords META tab in keyword search.

Turn Off Windows Update Notifications

I found out a way to prevent Windows Update from notifying me all the time.

Steps in Forest - Web Design Process

Web Design Process: From Wireframe to Website

A working website always begins with designing a wireframe.

Code on Screen

IE6 Multiple Class Selector Hack

If you’re having trouble getting IE6 to use two classes for one element, add another class with a hyphen.

Wall Street - Stocks and SEO Similarities

Investing and SEO Similarities

Investing in the stock market is very similar to investing in SEO.

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