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The Phish Are Still Biting

It still surprises and amazes me that some people are still getting sucked into the phishing scams. Maybe I haven’t received anything too sophisticated, but I can’t imagine anyone falling for the latest one I received.
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Blogging For Business

An article I wrote for the Alameda Chamber of Commerce Newsletter was published today and I wanted to share the full article and an excerpt about the benefits of blogging for your business.
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2004: Year of The Blog

I just read some worthwhile statistics about blogging. They explain the blogging phenomenon but also the advantages of blogging.
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The Advantage of Google’s Advanced Search

I met with a gentleman today who was telling me he was dissatisfied with his web searches. I understood. Lately some of my searches haven't been up to par either. What's wrong?
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Don’t Stop Using Stop Words

There are still some SEO (search engine optimization) myths out there. One is to not include "stop words" in your keyword optimization strategy. From our own research this can’t be farther from the truth.
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