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Blog Comments

Isn't that why blogs were created? To allow a two way communication between us bloggers and our readers? Well, I've added the ability to post comments to our blogs. Adding comments to a blog post has many benefits.
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Blocking ALL Spam in Outlook

Just decide that ALL email is bad, unless you approve it. Instead of blocking every piece of spam that comes in, you can setup Outlook to only allow the email you want.
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Search Engine Keyword Selection

Choosing the correct keywords is one of the most important factors when optimizing your website for search engines. Keywords are the backbone of search engine optimization, so choosing the right ones is critical.
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The End of Spam! Viruses! Even Email?

Maybe. It could happen. At least this is one of the theories or predictions behind the use of RSS technology. One that I believe in or anticipate will happen.
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Google’s Desktop Search

You may of may not have heard, but Google just released (in beta) a desktop utility search, based on their proprietary searching capabilities.
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Prevent Spyware – The Easy Way

Spyware has taken center stage this week at the State and Federal level. Two new bills are designed to combat the ever growing nuisance on spyware. I offer the easiest solution to the spyware problem...
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