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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): What you need to know

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect January 01 2020 and I wanted to make sure you knew what it was and were prepared.

What is CCPA?

“CCPA allows any California consumer to demand to see all the information a company has saved on them, as well as a full list of all the third parties that data is shared with. In addition, the California law allows consumers to sue companies if the privacy guidelines are violated, even if there is no breach.” – CSO Online

Does CCPA apply to my business?

“The bill will apply to ‘any business that earns $25 million in revenue per year, sells 50,000 consumer records per year, or derives 50% of its annual revenue from selling personal information.’ This includes businesses that collect or sell personal information from consumers in California, regardless of where the company itself is located.” – Business News Daily

Here are a few resources to learn more about CCPA:

Though the bill may not affect your business, it still is a good idea to be thinking about your customer’s privacy and how you handle their personal data.

I hope this was helpful.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Photo Credit: by Tomas Sobek on Unsplash

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