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Completing Tasks With Basecamp

Basecamp LogoGetting it done. Doesn’t it feel good to cross off items on your To Do list or finish that project or just get something accomplished and taken care of?

Well, I’m using a new To Do list program. I didn’t use a program before, I just had a piece of paper to keep track of my to do’s. Now I use the To List in Basecamp. Basecamp is an online project management service. It includes, Milestones, Whiteboards, Notes/Messages, Project Lists, Contacts, Calendar, and To Do Lists.

To Do Lists in Basecamp are my favorite feature.

You can create many types or categories of to do lists. And after you’ve completed the task, Basecamp records it and adds a strikethrough, just like you would do with your pen.

Basecamp To Do Strikethrough

So far Basecamp has really met my needs. Easy to learn, setup and use. I may just toss out my current project management software and go with Basecamp.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out”

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