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Convert Your Website Design Files to SEO Friendly HTML Code

Convert Your Website Design Files to SEO Friendly HTML Code

MJS Web Solutions, not only designs websites from the ground up, we also can convert an existing design or mockup to SEO (search engine optimization) friendly HTML code.

We noticed, Luna Packaging, a client of ours had redesigned their website, except each page was an image. The design looked great, but Google and other search engines could not index the text, because the text was an image. We notified our client and got the okay to redesign the site by converting the existing design images to SEO friendly HTML code.

Luna Autism Screenshot
Luna Packaging & Autism Answers Websites

A new client of ours, Autism Answers, came to us needing to re-build their website. Each page on their website were also images, not HTML code and text. Again, we converted the design image files into SEO friendly HTML code.

Now each website is:

  • much faster to download
  • easier to maintain
  • And being index by the search engines.

Is your site one big image? If so, it’s not getting the traffic it deserves.

MJS Web Solutions offers a full variety of website services that are focused on enriching your customers experience and getting traffic to your website.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

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