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Creating Branded HTML Emails in Outlook


We’ve been creating many HTML email newsletters recently, but today we received a question about just sending out branded emails. You know, emails with your logo and stuff.

In Microsoft Outlook, it’s easy.

Outlook Stationary

To brand your own email though will require you to create a HTML file. You can do this in any HTML editor like Dreamweaver. Then import it into Outlook.

Don’t forget to test your email, making sure it looks good in all the popular email programs like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out”.

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  1. Hello Mike,

    Great to meet you last night at the ACOC Holiday Party. I hope that we can combine efforts in the New Year or at least talk shop.

    Thanks for the email tip. However, you mention testing the emails in different mail programs but you don’t mention cross platform testing.

    When I worked as Brand Manager at Mervyns I had a lot of trouble making my branded emails work cross platform.

    Also for corporate color compliance you have the issue of colors being distorted because of cross platform issues.

    Are cross platform issues a problem with html emails? Is there a way to control color issues?

    This is such a great tip can I use it in Gmail or yahoo?


  2. Hello Sherri.

    It was nice to meet you too.

    There can be cross platform issues with HTML emails. Thank you for pointing that out.

    Color issues are a different story. Monitors are controlled by the user, the graphic card and the monitor. You can control only so much color.

    I believe you can create HTML emails in Gmail or Yahoo. Here is a great resource to find out.

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