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Customer Service is Still Important on the Web

Hello. I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was pretty exciting. I spent Saturday shopping for a new guitar.

I visited Blue Note Music, in Berkeley, California first. Good thing I did because as soon as I walked in, I was greeted and treated as a buying customer.

I immediately asked if they sold Paul Reed Smith guitars. Yes they did and they had one. James (I suppose the owner) sat me down with the guitar to try out. He explained to me all about the guitar, how it was made, different models and features.

He had to take care of something else, but didn’t leave me alone and asked if another member of his staff, Justin, to sit down with me in case I had anymore questions. I did and Justin answered all of them – even some I didn’t ask. I instantly became an informed buyer. Now that’s customer service.

Customer Service on the Web

On the web, you can still provide excellent customer service. Just because we are not face to face doesn’t mean you can’t be friendly, knowledgeable and available.

Here are some simple things you can do to make your website more personal for your visitors:

  1. Add a Contact Us form with an autoresponder.
  2. Show profiles of your staff or key members of your firm.
  3. Include an online forum where visitors ask questions and members of the company give out FREE information and feedback.
  4. Add an online chat feature where visitors can request information from a live person.
  5. Add a blog to your website. Blogs are personal and visitors can leave comments and/or feedback.

Adding these features will bring back customers, keep existing customers and draw new customers from positive word of mouth referrals.

I am buying that guitar and I am buying it from Blue Note Music. I could get it online or at another store, but why? I go where I’m treated like a customer, not like a wallet.

P.S. The web can be an impersonal environment. Remember who visits your website…people.

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