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Design Your New Website In 3 Simple Steps

Design Your New Website in 3 Simple Steps

So you need to get your website up and running fast or you just want to know how it’s done?

A website can usually be broken down into 3 simple steps.

  1. Get a Domain Name
  2. Setup Web Hosting
  3. Design Your Site

1. Get a Domain Name
Whether you use your business as the domain name or choose a vanity domain name (i.e., you will need to have it registered. A fun and useful tool for researching a variety of domain name ideas is After you decide on a domain name, register it at GoDaddy.

2. Setup Web Hosting
Hosting is fairly straightforward. Two important considerations are web server uptime and customer service. It’s hard to find out if the company you’re choosing will keep your site up, but contacting customer service shouldn’t be a problem. Two companies I trust and work with exclusively are Westhost & Alentus.

3. Design Your Site
Whether you choose to design it yourself, go with a pre-designed website or hire a professional, you will need to have something available online (A one page website can be sufficient). There are many do-it-yourself choices: GoDaddy Website Tonight, Homestead, etc. You can also purchase a pre-designed website and have a web company or web designer set it up for you. Or you can hire a professional web design company and get the exact website for your business. Hiring a professional should offer you a completely customized website design, giving you a design that showcases your business and is well represented by your customers.

In our experience, a website will usually consists of these 3 steps.

If you have any questions or you would like assistance on setting up your own website, please contact MJS Web Solutions. We’re here to help.

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