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Doing More With Less

Wow! I’ve finally moved in…well not really. We’re still living out of boxes and I have a makeshift office area. No worries though, I have the most important items at my disposal. That’s what I’ve realized while moving; I am able to survive without a whole lot of stuff.

There are still many boxes that fill up the closet and amazingly enough, I can still function. I don’t need as much as I think I do. I realized this revelation at our old office too, just before the move, when everything was packed up.

Do More With Less

When presenting your website’s message you don’t need to say a lot to make your point. Less is more. You don’t want to drown your message with “stuff”. You want to present your message clearly and directly.

Use headings (or headlines), lists and bullet points, images (are worth a thousand words) and links to get your message across.

Enjoy the rest of your week and may all your moves be more with less.

Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

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