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Donate to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

Donate to the Hurricane Katrina Relief EffortYesterday, I was listening to Pete Wilson on KGO radio yesterday about the Katrina disaster and how it seems to be getting worse rather than better. He mentioned the whistling of people crying for help as the sun went down, about rescuers being fired upon and dead bodies floating on the flood waters. It’s literally chaos.

Please Donate What You Can Afford

It was at that point I knew I had to do something. He pleaded to please do what you can to help support the rescue effort. We did it for the Tsunami victims, let’s do it for our own people.

I agreed, so I immediately went online to to send what money I could afford. It was something and it was easy. (The power of the internet).

I write this post to ask if you could do the same. If each of us made a donation we could raise enough aid to correct this entire disaster.

Rescue Efforts From the Bay Area

I mentioned before that it seems to be getting worse and not better…well I may be wrong. I just heard on our local news station that, here in the Bay Area, volunteers are being trained at a rapid pace to learn how to rescue people. These people are giving up their time and their lives to physically help our fellow man. That’s giving.

I can’t do that. Not all of us can. But I know what all of us can do – is to give money. And what easier way to do it than through the power of the internet.

Please visit the Salvation Army or Red Cross and give what you can.

I did. You can too.

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