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Don’t Forget Your Mobile Market

When optimizing or updating your website to gain more traffic, don’t forget about mobile (or cell) phone users. A recent survey showed “that Americans are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile phones.”

Your website and internet marketing practices should reflect this growing trend.

  1. Can mobile users access and view your website easily on their small screens?
  2. Does your contact information (i.e. phone number, email address) come up in a mobile search?
  3. Do you provide a map and directions on your website?
  4. Is your website optimized for local traffic?

These are a few questions (and answer) to ask when optimizing your website for mobile phone users. They’re a different beast – always on the go, needing information quickly and ready to take action.

Don’t forget your mobile market. They’re not just viewing your website from their desks anymore.

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