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Excellent User Experience While Performing a Search on Sketch’s Support Website

While performing a search within Sketch’s knowledge base/support website I noticed multiple UI/UX features all happening at once.

  1. The Search box is at the top of the page
  2. Clicking in the search box, the background blurs, so your main focus is strictly on the task at hand…searching for an answer
  3. A dropdown immediately appears when you place your cursor in the search box, displaying the most popular questions (FAQs)
  4. As you type, suggestions appear with your search word/phrase highlighted AND where the answer might be within the hierarchical structure of the site (i.e section of the site)

Great UI/UX Search Function

A fantastic user experience. The whole idea behind UI/UX is making a website useful and, in this case, it’s about finding the correct answer quickly.

Great work. Can’t wait to find more examples.


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