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Flag Emails in Outlook for Follow Up

What do I write about when I’m so busy?

I could write about how to save time or how to get things done faster. Or I could write about why I’m so busy.

I’ll do both…

I’ve been busy with multiple projects, including two website redesigns and many SEO and website maintenance projects and haven’t had enough quality time to devote to my blog.

To help me manage all my projects and keep me on track I’ve upgraded my customer database to ACT! and I’ve also integrated Outlook 2003 into it. I’m also using Basecamp.

Flag Emails in Outlook for Follow Up

A cool feature of Outlook 2003 is the ability to flag email messages for follow up.

Flag Outlook Email Messages for Follow Up

When you flag an email, a colored flag – in this case red – appears next to the email message and gets added to the Follow Up message folder. By doing this I can keep track of the main items I need to take care of first as well as keeping my Inbox clean.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out”.

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  1. Hello Bill. I do not use Outlook web access, that is why I said, “I believe” you can. Also, most Microsoft based websites are not optimized for Mozilla. You should be using Internet Explorer. Hope this helps.

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