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From Contact to Conversion

Hello. Hope you had a good weekend.

Mine was pretty good. On Saturday evening I met with a client of ours for dinner at the New Zealander here in Alameda. Excellent food and company. We got to talking and Jim (our client) mentioned that he has received 3 new patients this week from his website. He said they all found him on Google.

This just goes to show that optimizing your website for the search engines can have a significant benefit and impact to your organization and bottom line. But what I thought was more important – even more important than getting more traffic to his website – is that the people who found Jim’s website trusted it enough to make the contact and call for an appointment.

A Trusted Website is a Profitable One

It’s one thing to get listed at the top of the search engines and receive more traffic to your website, but it’s another when those visitors become paying customers. Your website has to be trustworthy and credible enough before your visitors are going to think about making contact. There are a few simple ways to accomplish this credibility:

  1. Show the benefits of your service or product.
  2. Provide a real world feel. Include real life images, pictures of your staff, etc.
  3. Show your expertise and why your organization is unique.

It’s important to get your site higher in the search engines and thus more traffic to your website, but the ultimate goal is to convert that traffic into paying customers.

Have a great week.

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