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Chain Linking

Get The Word Out By Linking to Others

Getting other websites to link to yours is crucial when optimizing your site for the search engines and trying to drive traffic to your site. Linking to others is important too.

Getting the Word Out

Linking to other websites is a good strategy when you’re trying to get the word out about your website. Here’s an example:

  1. I add a link to another website on my site
  2. I click on the link and visit the site
  3. My visit is recorded in their web log
  4. They check their web statistics and find out I just visited
  5. The chances are very high they will check out (visit) my website out of curiosity.

This curiosity could lead to an increase in web traffic, a link back to your website, future linking partnerships, etc.

So when you’re adding a link to someone else’s website, don’t forget to click on that very link to record your visit to their website. They may return the favor.

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

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