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Google Gone IPO

I had to put my two cents in…

Google going IPO is big stuff folks. Search Engines have hit the big league.

It’s now even more important we pay attention to this ever changing industry. I mean…the main reason why we go online is to find information. How do you find it? Search for it.

It’s also important because MSN and Yahoo are creating their own search engine systems to compete with Google. It’s become big business. Big in the sense of pin-pointing exactly what we’re trying to find – the relevancy of the search. Most of my searches still turn up a bunch of junk. The goal of all search engines will be to remove the ‘noise’ associated with a search and give us exactly what we’re looking for.

This kind of accuracy will define who wins in the Search Engine wars and so far Google has the upper hand.

Good luck and may the best engine win.

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