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Google Gone Local

Not officially. But they are testing (beta) the technology. Check to see if your website is listed in Google Local.

This is yet another way to generate visitors to your website – adding your contact information to local search directories. Local searching is big business. “Staying close to home can likely generate $2.5 billion.“, says The Kelsey Group, a leading provider of strategic research and analysis on Yellow Pages and local media. And what better way to search locally than using Google – still the most popular search engine!

If your site is not listed under Google Local, send your contact info to and Google will update your listing.

For more information on Google Local, visit their FAQ

Mike Swartz says, “Check it Out”.

P.S. Notice the dash in the email address: local-listings. It is not one word (locallistings) nor is it separated with an underscore (local_listings). Why does this matter? I’ll explain in an upcoming blog. Stay Tuned.

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