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Google’s Desktop Search

UPDATE: (12/20/04) I have removed Google’s Desktop Search due to the following announcement: “Security hole found in Google desktop search“. I would advise others to remove it as well, until we know for certain the application is safe. Note: The Google Desktop Search is still in beta, so we can’t blame ’em too much.

You may of may not have heard, but Google just released (in beta) a desktop utility search, based on their proprietary searching capabilities.

I just downloaded it and ran a test search. Pretty cool. The search utility is a separate program, but also an additional choice when you go to I like that – no bulky application to search for.

I read the Search Day article about the new tool and it said, “At the moment, only files on your primary hard drive (the C: drive for most people) are indexed. Those on additional hard drives won’t be searchable.”

Not true. When I read this, I was rather disappointed because we have created two separate drives on our systems so that, on one hard drive, we have the C: drive functioning as the Operating System/Application drive and the D: drive as the Data drive; where all our data files are kept. This way, in case of a shutdown, we can reinstall the operating system and applications without affecting our critical data.

Well, when I did a test search, files on my D: drive showed up. Excellent!

It will be interesting to see if it indexes my email. I am using Goldmine as my email and know that Google’s Desktop Search only indexes Outlook email.

Since it’s still in testing mode (beta), I had a couple of requested updates:

  1. Index all files. Don’t limit to just Microsoft office files.
  2. I would like to see more choices of how I want my search performed. To be able to select only the D: drive or selected folders.

For more information, visit Google’s Desktop Search About page.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out.”

P.S. I’m looking forward to more innovations at Google especially how Google will be able to personalize my searches.

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