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Happy Holidays – It’s Worth It

Yes, I know it seems early, but it is the first day of December and I’m very much in the holiday spirit this season. I’m about half way done with my holiday shopping and we’re planning on getting our tree in a few more days. Getting the shopping done early only makes for a quieter and more relaxing season.

Picking up the morning paper, I noticed our town; Alameda, California was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle Home & Garden section. The article, “Lighting up the Night”, is over a century old tradition here in Alameda about the Holiday Tree Lane.

Every December, all the residents on the 3200 block of Thompson Lane light up their houses for the holidays. It is a great tradition I remember when I was a kid, driving with my family through the street, very slowly, checking out all the great decorations people put up for us to see. Santa comes out during certain days. Even the local power company helps supply lights for the 50 foot trees that poplulate the lane median. Dan Marks, the power company’s marketing specialist says, “It’s good for the community, it’s long-standing tradition, and we want to be a part of it.”

Most residents start early, before December, to get ready. They even have a special tree lane committee, that your part of if you purchase a home on this block. Some say it’s a chore, but it’s all worth it. Jeri Morgado, chairwoman of the Holiday Tree Lane Committee, says “It’s not just fun, there’s responsibility. But the joy…when you see these kids get to spend time with Santa and actually talk to him – it’s a wonderful experience.”

It’s all worth the effort.

Some of the websites we’ve designed have received some very kind words from visitors and our customers have provided some very thoughtful testimonials as well. It is a great feeling to know that your work is being appreciated and the work that you do is being recognized. It makes it all worth the effort.

I hope the effort you put in this holiday season is worth it for you.

Happy Holidays!

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