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How NOT to Title Your Email Newsletter Subject Line

They tricked me. I don’t want to be treated this way from my email newsletters.

I just received an email – below – from Vertical Response with the Subject: Is there such a thing as too much business?

“Yes, if it’s the wrong kind of business.”

I was going to submit my comments above but no where in the email was the answer OR the question.


At least match the Subject line to a Headline or Story or I’m not going to read the email.

I didn’t. It’s been deleted.

If you’re not going to deliver, don’t bother.

Please. When you write your Subject line deliver on your promise. Don’t trick your users or try to give them something that’s not. They won’t read it.

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  1. Hi Michael

    We actually did deliver, if you click on the story you are taken to a subhead that reads:


    You’ve only got about 35-40 characters in your subject line to get a message across, we felt this was the strongest.

    There actually was no trickery involved. We try to give our small businesses as much beneficial information in a newsletter that we can to help them. We don’t get “paid advertising” to do this.

    BTW, great site.

    Janine Popick

  2. Hello Janine.

    Thank you for your response.

    I went back to the email and Vertical Response did deliver.

    I didn’t mean to come down hard on VR, I just wish the headline in the email read “Be Ready for Too Much Business” instead of “Keep Your Customers Happy & Manage Service Levels”. I would have been more likely to click through.

    I agree, the subject line was strong. That’s why I opened the email and was ready to comment on the story.

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