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How to Fix Firefox Crashing From QuickTime/Flash Plugin?

UPDATE (November 26, 2014): The October solution did not work, but this solution has with only 1 crash: Disabling Flash’s Protected Mode.

UPDATE (October 15, 2014): Solution did not work below. Updated Flash using the directions here: We’ll see and keep you posted.

I was having continuous crashing problems with the Firefox Quicktime/Flash plugin. Visiting Flash enabled websites would cause Firefox to crash and display the dreaded crash image above.

I tried uninstalling Firefox completely and reinstalling, but nothing worked.

I’m unsure how I thought of the solution below, but it’s been working ever since. To fix Firefox from crashing due to the Quicktime/Flash plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Options (select the lined button on the top right of browser)options
  2. Go to Applications tab and scroll down to Shockwave Flash Object
  3. In the dropdown under Action change both ‘Use QuickTime Plug-in 7.7.5 (in Firefox)’ to Use Adobe Flash Player 10.0app-tab
  4. Click Ok

The crashing should stop.

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