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How to Get the Highest Price on eBay – Study the Competition


I just sold another item on eBay with great results…I got the price I wanted.

How? By doing my research.

Research the Competition – Get the Highest Price

Before you post an item to sell on eBay, check out the competition.

First, type in the item your selling. Check out the prices of like items you’re selling. Also review some of the listings. How do they title their listing? What words do they use? What kind of description do they give? Is it detailed? Do they include pictures? Etc.

Unfortunately these are items that are selling, not SOLD. It would be better to know the prices of sold items. We can.

When performing your competitor search, on the left margin under “Search Options”, check the Completed listings box. A list of sold items will appear. Now you can better gauge how much to price your item. Review the ads that garnered top price. When did the auction close? What keywords were in the title? Were there pictures? How many? Etc. Use this information in your own ad and I guarantee you’ll get a higher return on your items.

Get Your Website Higher in the Search Engines – Research the Competition

You can use this same approach when trying to get your website higher in the search engines. Check out your competition. How?

Type in the keywords you want to optimize for in the search engines. These are your competitors. Go to their website. Are the keywords you typed in on their website? How many? What other keywords are they using? What websites are linked (backlinks) to their website? Etc. Apply this information into your own website.

Really…the only way you’re going to get higher in the search engines or get the highest price on eBay is if you beat the competition. What better way than to beat them at their own game.

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  1. You’re welcome.

    There are lot of similarities with selling on eBay and selling your website.

    P.S. I checked out your site. Your golf ball niche is amazing. I never would have imagined colored golf balls to be such a lucrative product.

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