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IE6 Multiple Class Selector Hack

A client’s new website was not displaying correcting in Internet Explorer 6 (Wow, what a surprise…not!). It look fine in every other browser.

Usually I create a separate ie6fix.css file and I’m done, but this problem was a doosey.

IE6 doesn’t recognize two classes for one element. For example: <a class="one two"></a>

I was trying everything to get the navigation rollover to work. It wasn’t until I found this post, by Bennett of

Adding another class and separating the two with a hyphen works. Unbelievable! What a hack.

Like this: <a class="one two one-two"></a>

He saved me more agonizing hours of pain. Thanks Bennett and kudos to you.

Now I’m here to help share this hack with everyone else, but the biggest help I, as a webmaster, can give is if everyone stopped using IE6 and upgraded. Microsoft is now on version 8. There is no good reason to keep using this antiquated browser that doesn’t conform to the new standards of the internet.

Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

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