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Interspire Software Releasing StoreSuite

Interspire StoreSuiteHello. I hope you had a great Labor Day holiday.

I work with a lot of web application companies and I wanted to say there is one company in particular that I am proud to work with: Interspire. Have you heard of them? They’re a web application firm that specializes in creating web software in PHP.

I recently purchased two products by them and am very satisfied with the results.

  1. Fastfind: Is a simple to setup search engine program for any website. It indexes everything, even dynamic related content. The most impressive piece is that the program crawls your site like Google – indexing one page to the next.
  2. ArticleLive: Is a website out of the box. But not just any website. A website that is dynamic that includes articles, blogs and news items. I integrated the article feature on a client’s website. The most impressive piece is the customization. I was able to integrate it seamlessly into my client’s current look & feel.

Not only do they provide great web software solutions, but their technical support is by far the best I’ve experienced. Every question I have raised (and they’re has been plenty of them) they were able to answer and assist with the coding.

Interspire StoreSuite

Well, if that’s not enough, Interspire is set to release – later this year – a shopping cart software program called StoreSuite. I have no doubt that StoreSuite will be a well designed and fully customizable program for any business that wants to setup an eCommerce solution.

I’m sure to purchase a copy.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out”.

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