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Wall Street - Stocks and SEO Similarities

Investing and SEO Similarities

I’ve been investing in the stock market since 1998. I’ve been out for quite sometime due to the recent collapse, but the market followed through on March 12 and a new uptrend is still in place, so I’m back in.

I noticed after doing this for awhile that investing and SEO (Search engine optimization) have some similarities. One is measurement.

When you purchase a stock and you make a mistake (i.e. you lose money), you’re supposed to review when you purchased and why the stock failed (what the market was doing, etc.). Same thing with SEO. You add in your keywords, track your site on the search engines and determine if your website gains in the rankings (goes up). If not, you’re supposed to review why it failed and try again.

This same principle applies when your stock goes up or your website moves up in the rankings. Measure the results.

When I purchase a stock, I just don’t walk away and let the market determine my outcome (i.e. Buy, Hold and Pray). No, I watch it and if I can’t watch it, I put in a sell stop, just in case. When optimizing a website and adding new keywords, I just don’t leave it be. I watch the search engines, monitor the website rankings and adjust accordingly.

The only way to be successful in the stock market and in your search engine optimization efforts is to measure your results…good and bad.

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