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It Pays To Have a Website

Ireland BridgeHello.

Been awhile, I know. But I have a good excuse.

I was on vacation in Ireland. Great country. Beautiful people too.

We lodged at the Croan Cottages. A very nice place to stay. The owners of the cottage live on the property with a farm and peaceful landscapes.

I asked my Father in Law how he found the place and he said the internet. I asked another guest on the property the same question. He said, he found out about the cottages on the internet. He said he typed in some keywords into Google and wah la.

The owner is now telling other businesses in the area to get a website because of the increase in business he’s receiving from marketing on the internet.

My Point

Even if your website is just one page, that’s fine, just put something up. If nothing else, get one domain and one web page.

On this page, simply list your business name, logo, picture of product(s)/service(s), something about the company and services, and how to contact.

There is no good reason why your business is not online.

Photo: An actual picture we took while visiting the Woodstock Gardens.

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