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Just Launched 3 New Responsive Design Websites

To say we’ve been busy is to put it mildly. We just launched 3 new responsive design websites this week. I think that’s a new MJS world record.

Neptune Beach

For the second annual Alameda, CA, Neptune Beach Community Celebration event, we felt it was time to give the old site a facelift. The previous site was put together really fast (and it showed) due to time constraints, but this year we had more time to focus on developing a site everyone would be proud to represent, promote and enjoy.

The site is event driven, meaning every feature had to promote or be associated with the event, including the slideshow, previewing activities, an event date countdown, band lineup and program notes.

Neptune Beach Community Celebration Website


T.Becker Jewelry

Our client was ready to make her passion for jewelry a full-time business, and she knew she needed a website to accomplish this major event. The site was designed and developed under the WordPress platform allowing our client to update the website herself. Our client creates custom jewelry, so we thought it was appropriate to create a custom website with a complete eCommerce section ready to switch on when she was ready.

T.Becker Jewelry


Sylvia Chesson

Our most recent website launch was developed and customized using a pre-designed website solution. Our client had a very tight deadline and limited budget for a fully custom website, so we offered a pre-designed website solution. The two major benefits of this solution our (1) time and (2) money. Money saved using a pre-designed website or website template, where nearly 2 phases, Information and Visual design, are already done. And Time saved because both phases are complete.

Sylvia Chesson Website Screenshot

NOTE: All three websites are responsive (responsive website design) in nature, meaning they are viewable on multiple mobile devices.

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