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Keep in Shape, Stay Up to Date

Keeping up with technology is a job in itself. Technology changes so rapidly, you’d be out of the loop in a manner of minutes if you didn’t keep up on the latest news. I wanted to share with you some of the magazine publications I read on a regular basis.

eWeek – One of the best resources for up-to-date technology news. Recently I read in eWeek that Toshiba was recalling memory chips on some laptops. Turned out it was one I owned. I responded immediately to Toshiba and received my new chip all thanks to eWeek.

VARBusiness – VARBusiness is all about working in vertical markets – a very lucrative strategy. Their articles are very engaging. I just read a fantastic article on Apple’s deceptive tactics towards their own resellers. I mostly enjoy the “Systems Building” section in the back sponsored by

Information Week – My favorite is the “News Scan” section. They provide brief tech news stories – just enough info to understand what’s going on without all the extra stuff.

Maximum PC – This magazine is great for the ultimate PC enthusiast. Every article, review, etc. is cutting edge. MaxPC never gives you the same ‘ol articles on tweaking Windows like some other PC Mags do. One of my favorite articles was how to create an HTML active desktop.

These magazines are just a few I subscribe to and try to read on a regular basis. You know the old saying, “Knowing is half the battle”.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out!”

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