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Know Your Audience

Hope your weekend was good.

I just got done checking our website statistic reports. Fascinating stuff. No really.

It’s fascinating because you can find out so much about your website visitors: Where they’re coming from, how long they’re staying and where they’re going.

The first three reports I look at are:

  1. Referrals – Referrals will show where your visitors are coming from. With this knowledge you can find out what websites are linking to yours. This is critical in your quest to be higher in the search engines. The more ‘relevant’ sites that link to yours the higher your website will be in the search engines.
  2. Search Engines and Keywords – The Search Engine and Keyword report lists specific keywords visitors are entering into a paticular search engine. Analyzing this information will help you determine which keywords and search engines to target and market.
  3. Requested Pages – This report lists your most popular web pages. It’s nice to know which pages you can improve upon, expand upon or remove.

Other important reports to view include Entrance Pages, Length of Pageview, and Click-Through patterns.

I personally enjoy the Length of Pageview because it shows the average time visitors are actually – spending time – reading this blog. 😉

Check your reports each week or month. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

‘til next time.

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