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Broken Plate

Make People Trust You on The Web

I was looking for email newsletters that would integrate with my Goldmine software and found a site that looked legitimate, until I clicked on a link that took me to this page:

Sorry, The page you are looking for does not exist
Please goto and start there or contact support.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience.

Immediately I’m skeptical and hesitant about trusting this site or going any further, knowing full well I can just go back to Google and find someone else (I did).

Provide an Error Free Website

Obtaining profit on the web requires being credible and building trust. You can drive traffic to your site, but if they get there and you immediately provide dead links, “under construction pages” and 404 error pages to your visitor, your credibility goes down, way down.

Keep your site free from errors and you’ll get more people to trust you. More people buy from people they trust.

Enjoy your Saturday and stay dry. 😉

P.S. Here is a good article on Gaining Trust Online

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