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Make Your Website Work For Your Business AND Your Visitors

I go to these online internet banking sites, and the only reason I really go is to login and pay my bills. Most of these sites have tons of links on the homepage for new customers, but really nothing for the returning customer – me.

To get more business from me, these sites should put an ad or announcement or any kind of attention getting device near the login area and/or after I login (Bank of America has started doing this. Paypal does it as well). What else would a returning customer want? They need to ask this question – then use the tip above.

Bank of America

US Bank

Capitol One

It’s amazing how much crap is on each homepage. Where does one really begin? There is so much to choose from.

Where do I go first? I go to sign up, that’s it. There were a couple of times I checked out information on credit cards, but I usually will call if I need anything else.

I guess the lesson here is to make your website work for your business AND your visitors, especially if they’re your customers.


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