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Microsoft Internet Explorer No More

I just read two stories – back to back – about two new virus attacks when using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser.

The latest virus attack using Internet Explorer happens when you’re visiting a website; a small program, without your knowledge, downloads onto your computer and snatches your banking password.

I just got done reading about another virus that infects user’s computers who only use Internet Explorer.

The magnitude of these new viruses is huge – you don’t have to click on an attachment to launch these viruses. All you have to do is go to a website, using Microsoft Internet Explorer, and – boom – you’re infected.

There is an effort online about informing Internet Explorer users to switch to an alternative browser.

I couldn’t agree more.

This has got to stop – I can’t afford to be hit with another virus.

Switch to Another Web Browser

At MJS Web Solutions we have to test our websites using different versions and types of web browsers. I was using Internet Explorer for convenience sake, but there is no convenience when a virus hits. Internet Explorer is now for testing purposes only.

I’ve switched to Opera 7.51. Opera has a free version with minimal ads or a paid version without ads. It’s easy to install, contains email, chat, Google search and a tabbed surfing environment. I was able to import my Favorites with ease also.

Other browsers to check out are Mozilla 1.7 and Firefox – a slim-down version of Mozilla. Mozilla is based on the once, very popular, Netscape program.

I’m sick and tired of hearing about the vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and the easiness I have of getting a virus from using it.

I’m suggesting to everyone to switch browsers until Microsoft can satisfactorily say Internet Explorer is secure. (I’m unsure when or if that’ll happen).

I cannot afford to use Internet Explorer anymore. Neither can you.

P.S. I just received an email (11:06 PM PST) with the Subject, “Feds Warn Against Microsoft’s Browser”. It’s that serious.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out.”

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