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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Which Equals More Testing

Microsoft has just released it’s latest browser, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

Apparently IE8 is a slimmed down version of IE7, faster and doesn’t crash. I’ll believe when I see it.

Many Web Browsers

Internet Explorer still commands 72.2% of the web browser market, up from 69.7% a year ago. The open-source Firefox browser is No. 2 with 17.2%. Google’s Chrome is third with just under 3% of the market.*

Notice only 3 browsers mentioned. Another browser, Safari for the Mac (and PC) was not listed.

MJS Web Solutions Tests In All Popular Browsers

I’m announcing the release to let everyone know that MJS tests and programs for the most popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari). And not just each web browser, but each web browser version (IE6, IE7, and now IE8) and on each computer platform (i.e. Windows & Mac).

Don’t be fooled. Some web designers/developers may not test on all of the browsers mentioned, but only one. If you want ALL of your customers to view your website without errors, make sure they test on the most popular web browsers.

My personal web browser preference is Firefox. Why? Because it is fast, user friendly and has the capability to add on applications, very similar to the popularity of Apple’s iPhone add-on apps.

*Source: Janco Associates (

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