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MJS Developing Exclusively CSS Websites

MJS is strictly a CSS shop now. No more tables. Why does this matter?

Ever heard of CSS? CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a new (really a few years ago) way of designing a web pages. CSS is used in conjunction with HTML, the language of the internet. Websites were designed in tables during the first stages of internet web development. Now a new way of building web pages has emerged and MJS Web Solutions is taking advantage of what CSS has to offer us and our clients.

Developing your web pages strictly in CSS have many benefits:

  1. It is easier to manage content, instead of code
  2. Less code means speedier download times
  3. It’s portable. You can deliver your content to any device. (i.e. PDA, Printer, Document, etc.)
  4. It’s much more flexible, with the ability to create virtually any kind of interface (see example links below)

Check out some of the amazing designs that are produced using only CSS (instead of tables).

Zen Garden
CSS Vault
CSS Website
CSS Galleries

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out.”

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