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MJS Web Solutions Launches USCG Fitness Challenge Website

To encourage United States Coast Guard members to get into shape, USCG District Eleven hired MJS Web Solutions to design and develop a website for their Physical Fitness Challenge program to dynamically track team participants as they figuratively raced around the District area of response (AOR). Teams would log into the system and input their exercise time and the program would convert their time into virtual miles thereby tracking team mileage. The team that reached 2898 miles was the winner.

United States Coast Guard Fitness Challenge Website

Website Benefits

Prior to developing the website, the Physical Fitness Challenge program was managed on paper and was difficult to track progress and participation. Designing the new website allowed coordinators to focus strictly on progress with access to dynamic reporting features and enabled participants a hands-on involvement; accessing the system, uploading their data and being able to view their placement within the race.

MJS Web Solutions worked closely with United States Coast Guard staff to deliver a powerful, streamlined system.

  • IT Services were handled by MJS Web Solutions including setup, installation and configuration
  • A fully integrated content management system was developed for updating ease-of-use
  • Online tracking and reporting kept the site ‘alive’ and fresh with active content
  • Online tools and account access encouraged interactivity with the website

To encourage continued participation in the program, MJS Web Solutions integrated a photo upload tool, so participants could upload and view other team member exercise photos. Team members could also view each other’s progress encouraging competition and additional exercise time by participants.

Exceeding Expectations

Participation within the program broke records; recording the highest participation levels since the program was enacted. Future maintenance and enhancements are on track for next year’s event, including tracking participants dynamically on a map that adjusts their position based on their tracking score.

Features Include: Streaming video, login access, content management system (CMS) with administrative section for managing accounts, email alerts, dynamic reporting, photo upload tool, calculator tool, and interactive content generation.

Website Screenshots

Homepage with video and login access

Team Leader page with dynamic graph of participant progression in the program

Individual team details page including uploaded team photos

Course map. Notice login box is represented in upper right of every page

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