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More Blogger Benefits Are Announced In New Release


I just helped a customer, Sandalwood Skincare, get setup with Blogger. (I seem to be a natural at this). Anyhoo…

Blogger has many great features; the best is being absolutely free. Getting setup with Blogger is a snap. You can be blogging in minutes. The quickest way to setup is to choose one of their free templates. Or you can setup an HTML template within Blogger that integrates with your own website. (This process may take considerable more time to figure out if you haven’t done it before).

Blogger has announced some new enhanced features for its next release. One of my favorites is labels or categories. Now you’ll be able to separate your blog posts by category; something that’ s been a long time coming.

I think Blogger’s top benefits are:

  1. It’s FREE. You just can’t beat that.
  2. It’s user friendly. It’s simple to write and publish your blogs.
  3. You can integrate Blogger into your website so your blog has the same look and feel as your website.

Contact us if you need help setting up your blog. We’ve done it for many of our clients with terrific results.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out!”

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